Xtra Ticket at Last Exit Live


June 7th 2013

Sugaree…  Sugaree…  Sugaree!  Maybe it’s me, but this is what I took away from this show.  There is always one song. Possibly it was one too many Stella’s, but I was still able to ride my bike home, so I don’t think it was that.  Dave’s hands were a blur in the second set Sugaree.  My cohort Chris had to nudge me in the middle of this and ask, “is this for real?”.  It was…  Have a listen.  A great show in the ’72 vein and it has me longing for more ’70’s material.  A real sweet spot for me.  How about a show from 1976 next?  Enjoy everyone!

Catch the rest of the show… recorded in stellar fashion by Mitch… RIGHT HERE!