Xtra Ticket Recreates 4-1-90


RECREATE: To impart fresh life to; refresh mentally or physically.

Xtra Ticket is firing on all cylinders and they certainly refreshed us all mentally! Their June 14th show at the Sail Inn in Tempe was an epic show recreation of the April 1st, 1990 Grateful Dead performance at the Omni in Atlanta; part of the Dead’s great Spring 1990 run with many of the tunes featured on the official release “Without a Net”.

Althea, China–> Rider, Women are Smarter and Sugar Magnolia were just some of the highlights, but you might as well just say the whole show!

A special thanks to Guy Ivester for recording the show!

Xtra Ticket at Last Exit Live


June 7th 2013

Sugaree…  Sugaree…  Sugaree!  Maybe it’s me, but this is what I took away from this show.  There is always one song. Possibly it was one too many Stella’s, but I was still able to ride my bike home, so I don’t think it was that.  Dave’s hands were a blur in the second set Sugaree.  My cohort Chris had to nudge me in the middle of this and ask, “is this for real?”.  It was…  Have a listen.  A great show in the ’72 vein and it has me longing for more ’70’s material.  A real sweet spot for me.  How about a show from 1976 next?  Enjoy everyone!

Catch the rest of the show… recorded in stellar fashion by Mitch… RIGHT HERE!

The Noodles & Friends – September 2nd 2012

9131_158365991475_4837368_nA blast from the past… The Noodles and Friends at The Sail Inn in Tempe, AZ –  September 2nd, 2012.  A big thanks for the Audio goes out to Guy Ivester (the bass player for Xtra Ticket) who faithfully records many great shows throughout the Valley! Thanks Guy!