Dave A’Bear plays a night of JGB tunes…

The Noodles with Moonalice

The Noodles Motion

Kevin MacConkey solo @ The Sail Inn

A great show at the Sail Inn by Kevin MacConkey tonight…  A Sugaree sandwich in the First Set…  Have a listen to a great Singer/Songwriter…


Cowboy Neal at the Wheel…


One of my all time favorites…  The Other One seems to require nimble fingers, timing and some heartfelt vocals.  The noodles pull it off in spades.  Still working on the mix a bit & I thought I would share with whoever pays attention to this blog rather than Facebook.

More to come… I promise!

A Grateful Kickoff to Summer in Phoenix

060Throughout June, July & August, the days are just downright hot here in central Arizona. The nights normally offer some respite from the heat, but the shows played lately by both The Noodles and Xtra Ticket have been scorchers! Between the local Tempe hot spot The Sail Inn and the new downtown Phoenix venue Last Exit Live the guys have been tearing it up. Lucky for us Mitch has been recording and photographing the events and luckily enough for you, there are a few more coming up.  Here is the lowdown:

There will be a bit of an All Star Grateful Dead Review filling in for the Noodles in August…  More on that next time.

It is going to be a great (HOT) July here in Arizona!  See you at the next show!

Brokedown Palace–>China Cat–>Mind left Body Jam–> I know you Rider from 6-7-13 at Last Exit Live